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Which Laser Printer is best?

Which laser printer is best?

Which Laser Printer is best? Purchasing a printer is a big investment and can be as expensive as purchasing a laptop or computer. Deciding on the correct model to purchase can be very confusing. There is a wide range of printers that are currently available in the market that  makes it even harder to make a decision unless you’re fully aware of the different varieties of printer available and its different functions. Since the invention of printing technology, there has been an extensive variety of technologies implemented to the printer that you never thought would be possible!
When deciding on which type of printer to purchase, you need  to ask the following questions listed below:
Is this printer for home or office use?
How often you will use printer and how much is the usage?
Does speed of printing matter to you?
Are you looking for a printer with colour printing or is only black and white printing okay?
Are you looking for extra features such as scanning, fax, and copying? Does it need to have an USB slot for photo printing? Or does it need to be wireless?
Based on the answers of the above questions, you should be able to gauge what type of printer you want to purchase and know fully well that you were able to get one that you really need.

Apart from the above questions one of the most important questions to ask is WHAT ARE THE RUNNING COSTS?

This one question can save you hundreds-if not thousands of dollars in running costs over the life of your printer. Did you know that the Kyocera range of Laser Printers are up to 70% less expensive to run than the equivalent HP. This is just one example! Before you regret purchasing the wrong printer please contact us first on 1300 271 223.
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