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The pitfalls of purchasing used copiers from eBay, Gumtree or an Auction house.

Used copiers-In the 40 years plus that I have been in this industry where I have come across someone who has purchased or is looking to purchase  a used copier  off of eBay, Gumtree or from an auction house they usually inform me that they are getting an absolute  bargain. They are getting  an unbelievable price that they feel would be ridiculous to turn down. We all want to get a good price for what we buy but unfortunately if all you look at is the purchase price then you will more than likely not have considered what the true cost of the equipment is going to be! Many times these machines are worn out or have become unreliable.

You usually have no way of knowing the print quality, if it has a technical problem or if a part is missing!

What is it going to cost you to transport  your “new” used copier to your office?  A dealership has a relationship with a professional moving company that specialise in moving this type of equipment. If your equipment gets transported by an inexperienced courier, there may be significant damage caused during transportation. I have seen this happen on numerous occasions. If it is damaged who is held responsible? Who is responsible for any damage and was it insured? These are things that we as a dealership ensure is done correctly. How much is this peace of mind worth to you?

So  the Used Copier that you purchased off of eBay etc. arrives without any noticeable damage, who is going to install it? You will need to pay a technician from either the manufacturer (very expensive) or a local Dealer (more economical) and pay to have it set up. (this would have been included if you had purchased it from the dealer). So you pay for a Service technician to attend and set up the machine for you. As you did not purchase the machine from this dealer you will have no leverage to negotiate the price. Also you should be aware that most dealers only specialise in one or two brands so you may have to spend some time shopping around to find a dealer that has the knowledge to do this.

The majority – if not all of the office equipment offered on the internet is not new. So, If you want to put your used copier under a service agreement with this same Dealer that the service technician is from, he will inspect the copier and supply you with a list of what parts will be required to bring your bargain up to specification before they will contemplate putting  it under a service contract. This can (more so if the copier is a colour model) run into thousands of dollars! Also bear in mind that if the machine is old then parts may no longer be available.

Once  you get it to your office and you get it set up as a copier by a service technician, but you would like to set it up as a network printer, and a network scanner (scan to email or windows shared folder). Maybe you also want to integrate it into a Document Management System that you have. To get the most out of your used multi functional copier you will need to pay a IT technician from that same dealership to come out and set all of these functions up for you. This again will involve a cost. This would all  be included in the price of the used machine if you had purchased it from us.

But let’s say you paid for each one of these services for your bargain used copier and now you or your staff need a little training on how to use this equipment. This again would also incur another cost. So what do you do now? You either work it out yourself or you and your staff do not fully understand/know how to use all the features. I have been to clients that have had a copier for years and yet they never knew that they could do PC faxing, offset collating or other inbuilt functions.

When you add it all up you may save a little money on the purchase price but nowhere near as much as it would first appear. And if anything goes wrong who will you  turn to?  It may turn out that your  bargain used copier may not be that bargain that you expected!

If you have a limited budget or are looking at purchasing a used copier, please contact us first. All machines are workshop tested by qualified technicians and we offer inexpensive service agreements on all products that we supply.

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