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Managed Print Services

 Managed Print Services

It’s no secret that Managed Print Services have a lot of benefits to offer businesses, particularly in the new era of work. With an integrated, company-wide print solution tailored to your specific needs, you can expect better security, improved mobility and more flexible usability to enable your hybrid workforce.

But with so many providers vying for your attention, how do you ensure that you’re choosing the best Managed Print Services for your business?

We’ve identified five features that the best MPS solutions all have – what we call the 5 S’s of MPS. Savings, security, scalability, service and sustainability. With these in mind, you’ll be able to quickly sort the good from the bad to identify which Managed Print Services solution will offer your business the most benefits.


5 features of the best Managed Print Services.

1. Savings

One of the first things to look for in an MPS solution is cost-savings. Printing is typically the third highest cost to businesses after payroll and rent. Reducing this financial burden has been a central goal of MPS since its inception, alongside improved visibility and also reducing the workload of IT teams.

Before developing a tailored solution for your business, your MPS provider should conduct an audit of your print and document environment to identify where they can help you streamline processes, reduce waste and consolidate your resources to reduce costs. This will also help you determine approximately how much you are currently spending on printing, if you’re not already aware, allowing you to compare the benefits of MPS with your current print solution.

Kyocera was able to help TNT Express reduce their monthly printing costs by 38 percent by consolidating their print fleet and providing a simple cost-per-copy MPS solution. With the right provider, you could also achieve savings like this too.

2. Security

Printers are one of the most overlooked security risks in the workplace, especially with the increase in remote working. When managing numerous devices across a wide range of locations, as in hybrid workplaces, IT teams may find it challenging to ensure that each device has an appropriate level of security, and that employees are also using secure practices.

An MPS solution will reduce your business risk substantially, offering complete visibility over every device in your fleet, no matter its location. In the initial audit, your provider should identify any security vulnerabilities that you have and how they will address them. This usually includes initiatives such as implementing anti-malware software and security features across your fleet, real-time threat monitoring of device networks, or user authentication and authorisation.

3. Scalability

As well as being secure, the best Managed Print Services are rapidly scalable, enabling your infrastructure to easily grow, shrink or transform as your business needs change. With a single provider and an MPS network designed for growth, increasing your devices, print volume or service requirements will no longer be a convoluted or lengthy process.

Your MPS provider will already have an in-depth understanding of your print environment and be able to make appropriate recommendations, as well as respond quickly to your needs. Additionally, you shouldn’t have to worry about complex set-up, integration or training requirements for your new devices – a good provider will also be able to add new printers to your existing network with minimal disruption.

4. Service

One of the many benefits of MPS is that it consolidates all your providers into one point of contact for all your printing needs – devices, consumables, maintenance, repairs. This ensures you receive the same quality of service from someone who knows your business and print solution, each and every time.

Additionally, MPS also improves productivity by reducing how much time your staff need to spend on managing your devices. With Managed Print Services, you can expect your provider to automate consumable orders, upgrade old hardware, install the latest software, and also conduct staff training on how to use and troubleshoot devices as part of their normal service. With the time saved from the hassle of print problems and delays, your staff will be free to focus on work that actually contributes to your business goals.

5. Sustainability

A commitment to sustainable business practices is increasingly the minimum expected by consumers, rather than an optional extra for companies. So it’s good news that MPS can not only improve your bottom line, but also reduce your environmental footprint.

The best Managed Print Services help businesses to use their resources more effectively, minimising waste and enabling greater control over print usage. This also includes reducing or eliminating inefficient toner usage, single-sided printing, paper wastage due to poor print jobs and other inefficiencies you may not be aware of. Optimising and streamlining your processes will also minimise any unnecessary printing, saving consumables and power consumption. And with true oversight of your print environment, you and your MPS provider will be able to identify where your biggest areas of print usage are and develop new strategies to minimise your environmental impact.

With these five features of the best Managed Print Services in mind, you can identify which providers are offering solutions that will truly lead to improvements in savings, security, scalability, service and sustainability for your business. And with the right MPS solution, you’ll be ready to maximise your business’ productivity, mobility and efficiency in the new era of work.

If you’d like to learn more about choosing the right print solution for the new era of work, or if you’re ready to investigate our Kyocera tailored Managed Print Services offering more, please contact us using this link.

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Managed Print Services