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Buying a Copier. 5 Things to Consider.

Buying a Copier?


Believe it or not, that’s the attitude that some businesses have when it comes to their office equipment.  They may make their selection based on all the wrong reasons.  There are several factors to consider before you sign your name on the dotted line.

Buying a Copier. 5 Things to Consider.


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Which Laser Printer is best?

Which laser printer is best?

Which Laser Printer is best? Purchasing a printer is a big investment and can be as expensive as purchasing a laptop or computer. Deciding on the correct model to purchase can be very confusing. There is a wide range of printers that are currently available in the market that  makes it even harder to make a decision unless you’re fully aware of the different varieties of printer available and its different functions. Since the invention of printing technology, there has been an extensive variety of technologies implemented to the printer that you never thought would be possible!
When deciding on which type of printer to purchase, you need  to ask the following questions listed below: Read More→

Kyocera TASKalfa 406ci Series Video

When it comes to Kyocera copiers…

The Kyocera TASKalfa 406ci series are the most economical and reliable multifunction copiers around.

The all new Kyocera A4 TASKalfa 406ci series is the ideal companion for offices that demand amazing functionality, paper handling diversity and excellent document output quality in full colour.

Kyocera TASKalfa 6052ci Series Video

 Kyocera Copiers
The Kyocera TASKalfa 6052ci series are the most economical and reliable multifunction copiers around.

Kyocera Copiers. The Kyocera TASKalfa 6052ci series  combines outstanding colour at high speeds and high capacity document processing, delivering the power, superior image quality, flexibility and also the ultra-reliability that businesses demand, all with a bold and innovative new design.

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Highly Recommended Kyocera Copier

Highly Recommended Kyocera Copier

Highly Recommended Kyocera Copier: BLI Delivers Rave Review of the New Colour MFP from KYOCERA Document Solutions

Sydney, Australia – November 2, 2016 – KYOCERA Document Solutions,  one of the world’s leading document solutions companies, today announced that Buyers Laboratory LLC (BLI) has awarded the Kyocera TASKalfa 3252ci its “Highly Recommended” and “Reliability Certified” ratings for 2016.

BLI, an independent provider of product intelligence for the imaging industry, trusted by buyers and IT directors around the world. Over two months, BLI conducted rigorous assessments of virtually all features, capabilities, and performance measures. The Kyocera TASKalfa 3252ci is also rated as “an excellent overall performer.”

The assessment included a 125,000-impression reliability test, during which time the MFP experienced only one misfeed. BLI analysts also noted that the MFP’s long-life components and high  paper capacity mean less frequent interruptions. Also both colour and monochrome output also remained consistent over long runs.

The TASKalfa 3252ci impressed Buyers Lab with its fast first-print and first-copy times, as well as its fast scan speed. This device is HyPAS-enabled, and it is ready to run any of Kyocera’s comprehensive library of business applications. BLI analysts called special attention to the mobile printing capabilities.
WiFi-Direct and NFC support for Android are also both standard, and the device can also run Apple AirPrint, Google Cloud Print, and also KYOCERA Mobile Print .”This MFP is ideal for today’s mobile workforce.”
“Both dealers and customers are looking for reliability and performance – and this is it,” said Douglas Cole, Director of Product Marketing, Corporate Marketing Group for KYOCERA Document Solutions America. “This recommendation from BLI confirms everything we’ve been saying about the TASKalfa 3252ci.”

The Kyocera TASKalfa 3252ci features a unique waste toner design. This innovation now means that Expired black cartridges are also used as the waste toner containers, therefore resulting in reducing landfill waste.

This design earned the TASKalfa 3252ci a Summer 2016 Outstanding Achievement in Innovation.

With its low price, robust feature’s and strong overall performance, this MFP is also excellent value for small to mid-size workgroups.

“BLI highly recommends the Kyocera TASKalfa 3252ci for monthly volumes of up to 15,000 impressions.”

Highly Recommended Kyocera Copier from Coastal Business Equipment – we can save you the earth

Please contact us on 1300 271 223 for further information on the award winning range of Kyocera Copiers & Printers.

New Range of Kyocera Ecosys A4 Colour Printers & MFP’s

New Range of Kyocera Ecosys A4 Colour Printers & MFP’s

New Range of Kyocera Ecosys A4 Colour Printers & MFP's

New Range of Kyocera Ecosys A4 Colour Printers & MFP’s which also includes many really exciting models. The new low cost printers & MFP’s are exactly what we have been waiting for to also further enhance Kyocera’s already impressive range. Kyocera are also renowned for their amazing reliability and also their industry leading low running costs. Yet until now they had very little in the low end of the market, which therefor put them out of the price range of many users just looking for a colour budget printer or multifunction device’s. All these models are very competitively priced. Kyocera’s new range of models are as follows. Read More→

The dangers of copier hard drives

The Dangers of Copier Hard Drives.

Delete Your Copier’s Hard Drive Data at the end of its life and before your copier leaves your office.

Ensure that you arrange for an Experienced  technician to erase the data stored on the hard drives of your copiers. Implementing this measure will stop the possibility of your data being obtained.

The dangers of copier hard drives – once you decide to replace your old copier you should ensure that an experienced copier technician erases the data stored on the hard drive(s) of your old copier. Even better – get him to remove  them and hand them to you to be destroyed before the copier leaves your premises. Read More→

PaperCut MF – Print Management Software to reduce your running costs

PaperCut MF – Cut the cost of printing.

By installing PaperCut MF we have recently saved a National Australian company $72,000 Per Annum in running costs!
PaperCut MF is simple to install, low cost multi-platform that enables, schools, libraries and businesses of any size to manage, account and recover all print, copy, fax and scan output via an on-board, embedded software and modern web based administrator interface. Out of the box PaperCut MF will cater for sites with many thousands of users, with basic installation taking less than 15 minutes.
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Kyocera Printer Reviews

Kyocera earns 6 BLI awards!

Kyocera Printer Reviews. Buyers Laboratory cites extraordinary durability, less waste, lower costs in exhaustive testing of newest printers and MFPs.FAIRFIELD, N.J. – July 13, 2016 – KYOCERA Document Solutions America, Inc., one of the world’s leading document solutions companies, today announced that it has received multiple awards from Buyers Laboratory LLC (BLI). BLI is a leading independent provider of product intelligence for the imaging industry, trusted by buyers and also IT directors around the world.

Kyocera’s ECOSYS P6130cdn and ECOSYS M6535cidn each received BLI’s coveted Certificate of Reliability and “Highly Recommended” rating. Kyocera also picked up an Outstanding Achievement in Innovation award for the eco-friendly waste toner design of its new A3 models. The TASKalfa 406ci added to its already considerable accolades, taking home the “Pick” award for Outstanding Colour MFP for Mid-Size to Large Work-groups.
ECOSYS Printers Ace Reliability Tests

In the business printer category, reliability is consistently ranked among the most important factors, and arguably the greatest competitive differentiation. Over a 2 month period, BLI put Kyocera’s ECOSYS P6130cdn and ECOSYS M6535cidn through exhaustive 50,000-impression tests, including running both devices at their maximum duty cycles.

Both printers “proved to be highly reliable,”and  earned the “Highly Recommended” rating and seal of approval, BLI’s strongest endorsement.

TASKalfa MFPs Add to Accolades

BLI analysts were thoroughly impressed by Kyocera’s unique waste toner container design, which has numerous  benefits. BLI Senior Editor George Mikolay explains: “Because KYOCERA’s new A3 MFP lineup lets you use an expired black toner bottle as a waste container, customers will likely see a reduction in waste generated, storage requirements for supplies, as well as downtime and service costs, with no need to send out a tech with a replacement waste toner container.” The design earned Kyocera the 2016 BLI Outstanding Achievement in Innovation award.

Introduced just 5 months ago, the TASKalfa 406ci MFP has already amassed numerous industry honours, including BLI’s “Highly Recommended” rating. BLI’s latest assessment focused on suitability for one of its primary user bases. It ultimately named the 406ci as the “Outstanding Colour MFP for Mid-Size and also for Large Work groups. The 406ci also offers the full functionality of an A3 copier in a more compact footprint and at a much lower cost,

Several of its key features were noted, including a 7” full-colour tablet-like control panel. Strong scanning capabilities and also Kyocera’s open platform, HyPAS, which enables the TASKalfa 406ci to run a more robust portfolio of business applications. These include PinPoint Scan, DMConnect, DocuWare Connector, Teaching Assistant and many more. BLI was also impressed by the Tiered Colour System pricing, which allows organisations to pay for the actual amount of colour used, instead of full price for spot colour.

“For these reasons and more, the TASKalfa 406ci is an ideal choice for mid-size and large workgroups,” Orr concluded.

Raising the Bar

For Kyocera’s Wolowitz, the focus continues to be the big picture. “For every device, we question ‘How can it be even better?’ Today’s award-winning feature is tomorrow’s standard feature. The goal has to be continuous improvement.”


Buyers Laboratory LLC (BLI) is the imaging industry’s leading independent provider of analytical information and services. For over 50 years, buyers have relied on BLI data when making purchasing decisions. Industry professionals have also turned to it for competitive information when creating marketing strategies. BLI’s services  include a comprehensive library of test reports, images and manufacturer’s literature. They also include industry tools that also help configure products, calculate total cost-of-ownership (TCO), and determine annual power usage. BLI also consults with manufacturers, helping them develop and market more efficient products and consumables.

Kyocera Printer Reviews.

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Coastal Business Equipment – we can save you the earth.

Kyocera Teaching Assistant Software – Coastal Business Equipment

Kyocera Teaching Assistant Software 

Improve your efficiency with automated test grading,

As a teacher, you will certainly know how difficult it is to find a balance between the time spent in direct contact with your students and spending time grading their work. To allow teachers more time to focus on their students, KYOCERA has developed Teaching Assistant, a business application powered by HyPAS™ that transforms your KYOCERA MFP into an on-demand test creating, grading and analysis hub. You can use this tool in schools as well as any organisation wishing to improve its efficiency.

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