Panasonic UB-T880W Interactive Whiteboard

The Panasonic UB-T880W Interactive Whiteboard has 3 points of simultaneous touch anywhere on the board. Wall mounted or Mobile.


       Panasonic UB-T880W Interactive Whiteboard

  • 3 points of simultaneous touch, anywhere on the board
  • Large 86-inch screen for high-impact lessons
  • Both finger-touch and electronic pen operation or simultaneous usage of both
  • Built-in stereo speakers to add teaching materials with sound
  • 2 USB ports to plug in additional devices such as a document camera or also a printer
  • Requires Projector and PC.
  • 1 year on-site warranty

Panasonic UB-T880W Interactive Whiteboard is a Wide Screen Multi-touch Interactive Whiteboard. As an advanced educational and presentation tool, the UB-T880W redefines how you interact with students. It allows you to create interactive, eye-catching training material that promotes active visual teaching and learning. It also allows up to three students work simultaneously on the board for collaborative group work.

The elite panaboard can be operated using either your fingers or the included multi-functional electronic pen that acts as a pointer, multi-coloured marker, eraser and PowerPoint slide controller. You can scale, zoom and also pan images using your hands and fingers for the ultimate interactive experience. Like other interactive whiteboards from Panasonic, UB-T880W interactive whiteboard allows you to also enter text or data directly into any word processor or spread sheet software using the elite Panaboard Software.

UB-T880W comes with built-in speakers and 2 on-board USB ports that helps you to connect additional devices with the interactive whiteboard. You can connect it with your computer without any cables by adding an optional Wireless Kit.

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elite Panaboard 86


86-inch screen for high-impact lessons


2 USB ports to plug in additional devices such as a document camera or a printer