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The Most Reliable Colour Copier Award for 2018 – 2021 Kyocera.

The Most Reliable Colour Copier Award for 2018-2021 – Kyocera.

If Reliability, Superb Colour Reproduction and Economical to run are important factors to you when purchasing a new Colour Multifunction Copier – then you need to look no further than the award winning range of Kyocera Copiers and Printers.

The following article is from Buyers Lab, an independent company who has awarded Kyocera “The most reliable Colour Copier MFP Brand for 2018-2021”

In an office environment, printer and MFP reliability is, and should be, the top concern for business users. Since a reliable device helps minimise downtime, resulting in improved worker productivity. As such Buyers Lab’s exhaustive durability testing offers a benchmark for buyers when making a decision. To determine the vendor whose product lines stands out above the rest. Our highly experienced analyst team has compiled and reviewed performance statistics for every major OEM that submitted devices for laboratory testing from 2012 to 2018.

Kyocera’s A3 colour copiers have always received high scores from the Buyers Lab team for excellent colour output, fast speeds and low cost of ownership. However, without a doubt their outstanding reliability is one key facit built into every Kyocera device we’ve tested over the years.

“In our lab testing over the last five years, every single one of Kyocera’s colour copiers demonstrated excellent reliability, with every device receiving a 10 out of 10”. This was stated by George Mikolay, Associate Director of Copiers/Production for keypoint intelligence – Buyers Lab. “In the business world, time is money, and if a device has a paper jam or is down for service is lost productivity. With a misfeed rate that is among the lowest in its class and zero service interventions in more than 1.8 million impressions. Kyocera is a brand users can count on when they need a robust and reliable colour copier to keep their team productive”

Excellent reliability, with tested devices completing testing with a misfeed rate of 1 per every 133,929 impressions and minimal downtime. This is evidenced by the tested devices completing 1,875,000 impressions with no service interruptions.

Congratulations to Kyocera on being named Buyers Lab’s Most Reliable Colour Copier MFP Brand!

So if you are looking for a new copier-look no further than the Kyocera range of copiers.

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The Most Reliable Colour Copier Award for 2018-2021 – Kyocera.

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