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Laser Printers Perth

Laser Printers Perth (or anywhere in Australia!)
The following questions should be asked to ensure that you are supplied the correct printer that will fulfil all your requirements.

Laser Printers Perth – Coastal Business Equipment.

1: What is your weekly/monthly volume

2: Networked or USB

3: Is speed an important factor

4: Colour or mono prints

5: What size prints. A4-A3 etc.

6: How many paper cassettes are required

7: Do you need it to duplex (print on both sides of the paper)

8: Do you need it to be able to collate/staple

9: Do you need it to print on any other media than just 80gsm paper. I:E card, envelopes, letter headed paper etc.

10: Will the printer fit where you need  it to go (Dimensions)

11: Budget

12: Do you need it to be able to just print or do you need copy/scan/fax functions

All important questions to ensure that you receive the correct printer for your requirements. But what about the questions that most customers  forget to ask – such as:

1: How much are the toner cartridges and how many pages do they do?

2: What other parts will I need to replace at regular intervals and what is the cost?-can I fit them myself.

3: How long is the warranty?

4: If I need to place a service call in the warranty period do I have to box it up and send it back to the supplier?

5: What if I need assistance in setting up the printer?

6: Can you install it for me?

7: Where do I go to get the latest driver?

8: Where can I buy the toner cartridges?

9: If I book a service call how long will it take before a technician will attend under the warranty period?

10: If I need to book a service call when the warranty has ended – where do I go?

Most of the above you will not  find out when you buy on-line.

Try asking  the salesman at Harvey Norman or Office Works-odds are you would be lucky if they know the answers to half of the above questions!

We Can answer all the above questions.

I have lost count of the number of times that I have been told that the cheap printer that they purchased is costing them an arm and a leg to run or its slow and is constantly breaking down. Please speak to us before you make the wrong decision!

Coastal Business Equipment – The Copier and Printer Experts.

Laser Printers Perth
Coastal Business Equipment – we can save you the earth.

Tel: 1300 271 223 for advice or information on the Kyocera range of office machines.

Perth Laser Printers