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Kyocera Vs Xerox Copiers

Kyocera vs Xerox Copiers: Comparing a Lesser Known Brand to an Industry Veteran

Kyocera vs Xerox Copiers

Looking at the differences between Kyocera vs Xerox copiers?

As you may be aware Xerox is synonymous with photocopiers. Xerox is more well known than Kyocera, but that doesn’t necessarily mean it’s better. Before I discuss Kyocera vs Xerox, here is a little background information on Kyocera to get you more acquainted with the brand.

Kyocera vs Xerox: Background on Kyocera Products:

Kyocera has been around since the 1960s and began by manufacturing ceramic insulators for television picture tubes. Since then it has vastly diversified its product offerings.

As Kyocera grew it acquired companies which allowed it to expand its product line. In January 2000, Kyocera acquired photocopier Japanese manufacturer Mita Industrial Company and created Kyocera Mita Corporation (now Kyocera Document Solutions Corporation).

Kyocera Document Solutions now manufactures a wide range of copiers, multifunction printers, and toner cartridges. It’s safe to say that Kyocera is now one of the most successful copier companies in the world.

If you did the math, you’ve figured out that Kyocera has only been in the copier business for 18 years. It has not yet earned the reputation and name recognition of Xerox, which has been in the industry for several decades.

The problem with that is Xerox coasts on its reputation while producing machines that are largely inferior to its competitors. At one time Xerox had 100% of the plain paper copier market. Unfortunately for Xerox, it did not change with the times and is now barely able to compete in an industry it invented.

However, Xerox is still seen by most as a company that produces a good product. Due to its name being so well-known, those who have not done their due diligence may still believe it’s top-of-the-line. That is simply not the case anymore.

When comparing Kyocera against Xerox, I can say without hesitation that Kyocera makes better products. The only thing holding Kyocera back is that not as many people know about Kyocera as they rarely advertise.

The  price of a Kyocera photocopy machine will almost always be cheaper than Xerox when comparing similar machines. In addition, the overall cost of ownership will be less. Xerox machines are less reliable, which means more frequent service calls, and the cost of toner is more expensive. Also Kyocera has the unique three tier colour coverage software which can reduce your monthly colour charges by a staggering 40%!!

Another lesser-known fact about Kyocera is that there’s only one common driver for all of its machines. That means it’s extremely user-friendly to both set up and update a Kyocera machine. With an extensive set of software solutions, Kyocera also makes it easier now to store electronic documents.

Also Kyocera copier models have the ability to “mimic” the colour of machines from other major brands. So if you used to own a Ricoh machine and liked the way it produced colour copies, you can get comparable image reproduction from a Kyocera machine.

In Summary: Kyocera vs Xerox
I would be remiss to end this article without giving credit where it’s due— Xerox does have some redeeming qualities. Xerox excels when it comes to production equipment, which is why you’re most likely to see Xerox machines when you go to a print shop.

But in this article, we’re looking at Kyocera vs Xerox in terms of office equipment, not production equipment. For small, medium, and large office copiers in my opinion Xerox does not compare to Kyocera.