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Kyocera Software Solutions

Kyocera Software Solutions from Coastal Business Equipment

KYOCERA is a leading manufacturer of document solutions and also management systems. A full suite of business applications and consultative services from Kyocera and Coastal Business Equipment allow customers to optimise and manage their document workflow, unleashing the full potential of their hardware investment.

Turn your otherwise complex workflows into simple processes and also bring true innovation to your business. Manage, protect, and streamline important documents through a customised combination of our range of KYOCERA devices, business applications, and also specialised business services.

Our custom Kyocera Software Solutions & business applications and powerful MFPs can streamline document workflows in any office environment. Learn how we can also address your specific business challenges today.

When you need an application or MFD specification that differs from standard ones for your business workflow, Coastal Business Equipment can help with “customisation” that meets your detailed requirements.

Do any of these situations sound familiar to you?

I want streamlined management and also sharing of information by utilising existing systems.

 I need to strengthen security and to also ensure privacy.
 I would like to print on customised paper.
 I want to manage document-related work more efficiently.

 I require a solution that is designed for my industry and my business.

What’s Customisation?

When your business requirements include unique workflows or applications, we “customise” our software and hardware to ensure that they truly meet your requirements and needs.

Coastal Business Equipment places top priority on its “Customer-First” principle to ensure that its products and services consistently meet customers needs. Today through customisation, Coastal Business Equipment provides a wide range of solutions to a variety of customers.


Privacy is of upmost importance in all of our lives. This is especially true of Human Resource departments. Being able to keep employee information such as resumes, employment history and also remuneration confidential, whilst keeping it easily accessible is crucial to managing the company’s largest asset – People.

Coastal Business Equipment offers document management and workflows solutions that securely store employee files and also provides controlled access to private information where needed.


  • Quick retrieval of documents
  • Secure storage with managed access
  • Reduced storage space
  • Efficient authorisation processes – through automated workflows
  • Legal and compliance requirements are met through long term storage of paperless employee files


Accounts Payable is an integral department in all organisations. With high demand on accuracy and time to manually receive multiple invoices, process and pay them, there is always room for error.

Kyocera Software Solutions offer workflow solutions that can decrease this margin for error by automating the way invoices are received and also processed.

Our accounts payable solutions save time and also reduce repetitive manual tasks. By capturing invoices (whether paper, fax, email or electronic) to a digital encrypted format, invoice details can be electronically matched to PO’s. This increases the accuracy of payments, as errors are highlighted, allowing a quick review and also the amendment of the captured invoice data. With less time spent on routine payments, the department becomes more efficient, resulting in shorter payment times for customers. By saving time, extra accounts payable resources can also be directed to other value add activities within the business.


  • Reduce manual data entry/ Reduces accounts payable cycle times
  • Increase accuracy through real-time data validation
  • Transparency in the workflow – also minimise’s bottlenecks
  • Compliance with all aspects of the process
  • Store and access your invoices with ease


Patient care is the main focus of every health care professional. Instant availability of patient records is vital to delivering optimal care. All too often the difficulty experienced when balancing time dedicated to patients or administration and record keeping means patient records are out of date or lost in the process somewhere.

KYOCERA’S Document Management Solutions speed up and simplify secure patient record management.

Extract data from forms, pathology test results or also any other document and store against patient records in your system. KYOCERA solutions can also recognise text in the image (OCR – Optical Character Recognition), marked checkboxes (OMR – Optical Mark Recognition) and forms field in block letters (ICR – Intelligent Character Recognition) and make a decision where and how to store the extracted information. Images can be scanned on a MFD, captured on mobile or delivered by any other method.


  • Minimises manual work that can lead to errors
  • Ensures that only authorised staff can access private patient records
  • Puts control in your workflows and documents
  • Also empowers healthcare providers to work more securely and efficiently
  • Stores all records in a secure location and ensures that all communication is encrypted
  • Securely collect printed documents on devices
A mobile workforce is the way of the future. To maintain an efficient and productive on-the-go workforce, organisations need to provide easy access to information and systems externally, whilst also keeping data secure.


Educational institutions have a variety of document management requirements, from student record keeping, print and scan control, BYOD and also in-house mobile support to other specific workflow solutions. Couple these requirements with the need to also reduce overall costs and improve academic achievement, and you have a very complex environment that also requires a balanced and customised document management solution.

Our  Document Management Solutions provide the structure and automation required, with the ability to customise to your institutions specific needs.


  • Cost recovery for student device use and consumables
  • Convenient, flexible and secure payment systems for self-service
  • Control and allocation of print, copy and scan costs to specific departments or faculties
  • Mobile and cloud functionality to enable student connectivity
  • Secure archiving of student records


  • Teaching Assist to facilitate speedy bubble sheet exam marking
  • Greater workflow efficiency and secure archiving through automated data capturing processes
  • Control and allocation of print, copy and also scan costs to individual users, classrooms or departments


Government departments deal with frequent changes to regulations and compliance requirements. This can also create additional layers of complexity to managing document workflows and access control. As a minimum requirement all intellectual property must be kept secure and controlled, with the ability to be accessed across a number of platforms and divisions.

KYOCERA’S Document Management Solutions improve document workflows and business processes within budget while maintaining security and interoperability.

For Example, KYOCERA security solutions require users to login on the MFD prior to scanning a document. The DMS/ECM connector application will prompt the user to enter indexing data on the MFD touchscreen. The Image together with indexing data and user information is passed directly to the DMS/ECM like TRIM, Objective etc. If required KYOCERA solutions can also OCR documents in the process and extract information directly from the document as additional indexing data.

  • User Security – Enforce authentication and restrict access as per user authorisation
  • Network Security – Encrypt data to and from MFD’s
  • Print Security – Release rule based jobs to authorised personnel only
  • Scan Security – Integrate scan process with your DLP system and also stop any security bridges at the source
  • Securely capture – extract data and process information from any source
  • Audit trail – Keep audit trails of your document flow through agencies and archive all MFD activity
  • KYOCERA can also build customised applications specific to agency requirements

Coastal Business Equipment  offers mobile access and workflow solutions that can securely manage your documents on the move. 

Kyocera Software Solutions


KYOCERA cloud based solutions enable mobile employees to stay mobile and still complete the administration tasks required to keep the business moving. Sales staff can also send quotes, review proposals and approve purchase orders securely. Managers can approve staff leave applications and also sign off business approvals from anywhere in the world.


  • Increased staff/team productivity
  • Greater flexibility for the business and also employees
  • Information (IP) secured
  • Real time processing

The benefits of Business Applications

Kyocera software Solutions-Coastal Business Equipment

Kyocera Software Solutions & Business Applications can change the way you work – for good



Your needs are as dynamic as your business which is why with our state-of-the-art HyPAS technology platform you can choose up to sixteen apps to run at any time on your device.



All of our apps are developed around improving the user experience. Easy and intuitive to install and operate, they are also designed to save you time every single day.



Whether you need to print from smartphones, tablets or directly from your MFP, our apps are available to support you to improve the productivity and efficiency of your mobile workforce.



Take control of your print fleets with our practical print and document management apps that help meet your environmental objectives whilst also streamlining your business processes.

Endless possibilities


We offer a solution for everything, from scanning workflows to remote management, business process optimisation to improved mobility.



You can tailor apps to meet your business targets – such as compliance and sustainability.

Built to work


All of our apps integrate seamlessly into your business workflow.



Control costs, spot opportunities and also reduce wasted man hours.


HyPAS™ business apps are collaboratively-designed solutions that maximize a business’ investment in technology and infrastructure, with far-reaching benefits…


  • Aligns MFP technology with business goals to meet most urgent needs,ensuring fast return on investment (ROI).
  • Safeguards clients intellectual property and helps meet rigorous compliance mandates, such as HIPAA and Sarbanes-Oxley.
  • Low implementation costs; HyPAS business apps also typically do not require purchase of server hardware and software.


  • Leverages existing IT infrastructure, business apps and databases. Scalability; MFP also adapts to changing workflow and network environments.
  • Helps maintain control over document, device and also network integrity and security.
  • Improves visibility into usage and trends, for better management of workflow across an enterprise.


  • Offers superior usability, with simple one-touch scanning operations; intuitive icons, buttons and form-fields speed job completion.
  • Enhances your overall workgroup productivity and efficiency; engages the user through a familiar control panel.
  • Facilitates information sharing and collaboration, locally and globally.

Kyocera Software Solutions from Coastal Business Equipment – We can save you the earth.

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