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Kyocera print cost case study – Perth

Kyocera print cost case study – Perth. 3 years ago i had a conversation with a client regarding cost cutting measures relating to their copying & Printer running costs.

We found that by running a print audit and also upgrading all their printers Nationwide to Kyocera Multifunction Laser Printers, that a significant annual saving would be made on their running costs. By also incorporating Papercut MF software meant that they would also have total monitoring and control over their printing. We also introduced rules as to how, where and when documents  were printed.

Management were concerned that when retrieving documents from the printers, there were numerous print outs that were sitting there. These were documents that had either been forgotten or printed in error. After a period of time (not knowing who printed them) these documents were scrapped. By introducing rules such as print jobs being being stored in the printer and the user having to retrieve them from the printer memory. This meant that if this job was not retrieved within 8 hours, then the print job was automatically deleted. We also directed all large print runs to the faster more cost effective printers. Also, only key members of staff  now had access to colour copying & printing and all e-mails to be be printed in black was also introduced

I received a phone call from them informing me that in the first 12 months of implementing this software they had saved in excess of $83,000 in running costs.

Its not just about buying the cheapest option. Its knowing your clients business and implementing measures to reduce wastage and improve productivity.

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Kyocera print cost case study – Perth

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