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Why Kyocera & Coastal Business Equipment

Why Kyocera & Coastal Business Equipment?

Kyocera is one of the world’s largest manufacturers and leading providers

of printer, copier and also multi functional imaging systems. Head-quartered in

Kyoto Japan, Kyocera has an annual turnover in excess of $12 billion USD.

While the core of Kyocera’s  business is providing these solutions for business

and consumers, the importance of having respect for, and conserving the

environment has also been etched in their ethos since their inception.

Also Kyocera’s corporate worldwide green policies also encourage conservation and

recycling along with the development of products and technologies that

can actually minimise the impact on the environment. Combined with Kyocera’s

compelling Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) – the actual cost of owning and

operating, as opposed to just the purchase price – makes for a winning



Thanks to their unique ECOSYS technology, they have also achieved a significant

reduction in the number of part replacements and also disposable items,

which has helped not only to cut total costs, but make Kyocera products more

environmentally friendly as well. Which means it really is possible to look

after your bottom line and also our planet at the same time.

Kyocera is a world-leader in ceramic-infused product innovation. At home

and at work, their products are also an integral part of everyday life. On many

home rooftops, Kyocera solar power generating systems convert the sun’s

energy into clean, renewable electricity and in the kitchen, ceramic knives.

Also in the office, a wide array of Kyocera components are at work inside digital

copiers, printers, PCs and network equipment, plus they offer everything

from cutting-edge wireless phones and PC cards to wireless routers and

accessories. In fact, virtually everywhere you look, a Kyocera product is on

the scene, helping to enhance our daily lives.

This is why Coastal Business Equipment is a Kyocera Authorised dealer.

Coastal Business Equipment – we can save you the earth. Tel: 1300 271 223

Why Kyocera & Coastal Business Equipment

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