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Copiers & Printers – Finance Options

Copiers & Printers – Finance Options – Lease, Rent or Purchase a Printer or Copier – which option is best for your company?

Finance Options

Hire purchase/Asset purchase – GST credit is generally claimed by the purchaser and a finance company generally funds the GST. You claim a deduction for interest and also depreciation and the loan liability is taken up in the balance sheet. The asset is also included in your depreciation schedule and, compared to a lease, deductions are likely to be more in the early years and less in later years.

Chattel mortgage – works in a similar way to Hire Purchase, (except if you are on the cash basis for GST reporting), you can also claim all GST credits up-front. The establishment fee is also normally more expensive than that for Hire Purchase. 

New or Used Equipment? We not only offer new equipment, we also have a comprehensive range of refurbished machines. These machines have been maintained and serviced by us from new and are also fully serviced prior to being sold. Furthermore these machines are up to 80% less expensive to purchase than new equipment and we also offer a fully comprehensive 5 year maintenance agreement with each machine for your peace of mind.

Copiers & Printers Finance Options


  • Off balance sheet reporting
    •  100% tax deductible repayments if used 100% for business
    •  Preserves working capital for other purposes
    •  No residual value liability
    •  Ability to upgrade – reduces equipment obsolescence
    •  Opportunity to purchase after contract ends may be offered
    •  GST on payments can be claimed on BAS
    •  Directors guarantees may not be required


  • On balance sheet reporting as an asset/liability
    •  Accounting maybe more complex – depreciation of asset
    •  Preserves working capital for other purposes
    •  Residual value liability
    •  Contract to be paid out in full prior to upgrade
    •  May also involve early payout penalties
    •  Less flexible upgrade path if required during contract period
    •  GST on payments can be claimed on BAS
    •  Risk of owning an obsolete device
    •  Directors guarantees may be required

Outright Purchase: 

  • On balance sheet reporting as an asset/liability
    •  Accounting maybe more complex – depreciation of asset
    •  Reduces working capital
    •  No residual value liability
    •  Upgrades or add-ons to be paid for – also reduces working capital
    •  Risk of owning an obsolete device

Month to Month Rental: 

This is done “in house” and is normally for a used or showroom Machine. This rental is ideal for a short period of time but please bear in mind that a delivery and collection fee will also apply, as well as the monthly rental and a copy charge. Short term (weekly) rentals are also available if required. 


There are a number of questions to also consider before determining what sort of finance to use when purchasing a photocopier. Be it leasing, hire purchase, rental or any other forms of finance. We  also strongly advise that you also speak to your accountant first as they will advise you on what the best financial option would be to suit your business.

It is usually a good idea to conduct a cost v benefit analysis. This will also ensure that the benefit obtained from a photocopier will provide an adequate return on investment. Coastal Business Equipment offer a free on-site audit to assist you in making this decision.

The majority of businesses lease or rent their equipment. The primary reason for this is that capital is not tied up and it can be used for other purposes. Also because technology changes so quickly, finance methods such as renting also provides an easy upgrade path, with the added benefit of rental payments also being fully tax deductible in Australia.

As with most products which are financed, leasing or renting may also cost more in the long run. Although when tax deductions are also taken into consideration, they do become a very competitive option that must be considered. When financing a Printer or Copier purchase, please also ensure that whichever method you decide on is the best financial option for your business.

Contact us.

Should you require any further information or advice on our low rate Finance Options,  please contact us on 1300 271 223 and one of our experienced sales staff will be more than happy to assist you.

Copier & Multifunction Printers – Finance Options

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