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Copier Paper Jamming Tips

Copier Paper Jamming Tips

Copier Paper Jamming Tips – With the change in weather, issues can arise with the paper in your machines. Hopefully I can try to save you time and money here by following these simple steps. If all of a sudden, your copier or printer will not feed paper or it jams, the first thing you should do is take out the paper that is in the cassette. Put the paper aside and NEATLY open up a new ream of fresh paper so that you can properly close the wrapper back up. I would suggest that you tape it closed to ensure that moisture is kept out!

Now that you have the “fresh” paper in your hands, fan the paper well (this is to ensure that the machine does not feed multiple sheets in one go as sheets of paper may be stuck together) and install it into the cassette and run a few test pages. If it feeds fine then you know it was the paper. Remember that it only takes 15 minutes for humidity to set in. I have customer who call us on Monday morning’s and complains that the copier is jamming. I ask them if the air conditioning is on and they tell me yes, I ask them was it turned off over the weekend and they normally say yes … well there you go.

Nine times out of ten if your copier jams first thing in the mornings then it is damp paper.

Remember that in summer humidity can affect the paper and in winter dampness will also affect the paper. End result excessive moisture = curling = paper jams.

Not only does damp paper/humidity cause the paper to jam due to the paper curling as it tries to go through the machine but it can also cause copy quality issues. You will never get good solid black print with damp paper! it can appear spotty and faint looking. A faint copy is a good indication that you have a damp paper issue. Remove the paper from the cassette and install fresh paper from an unopened packet. Never take paper out of the packet and pile it on the shelf, this is inviting trouble.

Also ensure that you have loaded the paper correctly in the cassette and that it is not overfilled/any corners are not turned over.

Taking the proper steps in preventing paper jamming issues will save you time and money and more important, will also keep your equipment running correctly.

Copier Paper Jamming 

Copier paper jamming tips from Coastal Business equipment.

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