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The dangers of copier hard drives

The Dangers of Copier Hard Drives.

Delete Your Copier’s Hard Drive Data at the end of its life and before your copier leaves your office.

Ensure that you arrange for an Experienced  technician to erase the data stored on the hard drives of your copiers. Implementing this measure will stop the possibility of your data being obtained.

The dangers of copier hard drives – once you decide to replace your old copier you should ensure that an experienced copier technician erases the data stored on the hard drive(s) of your old copier. Even better – get him to remove  them and hand them to you to be destroyed before the copier leaves your premises.

CBS recently revealed that used copiers  purchased from a US warehouse had confidential police data stored  on their hard drives.

Most Copiers now come equipped with either one or two hard drives that may contain numerous stored sensitive/confidential data.

When you scan images, modify them and print – the data goes to your copier’s hard drive(s) and is stored there. This is why you should always destroy all Data stored in your  Hard Drives before you dispose of them.

Coastal Business Equipment will organise for one of our manufacturer trained technicians to remove the hard drive(s) from your old copier or Multifunction Laser Printer and be returned to you for disposal, before the machine is removed from your premises – thus ensuring that none of your confidential information falls into the wrong hands.

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