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Compare Kyocera & HP Laser Printer’s running costs

Compare Kyocera & HP Laser Printer’s running costs. I recently had a conversation with the receptionist of a large Perth car dealership and the following was  a question that I often get asked.

“Why should I purchase a Kyocera printer and not another HP printer? We have always had HP and I have never heard of Kyocera before”

Good question.

Compare Kyocera & HP Laser Printer’s running costs.

As I explained to her, the Kyocera range of printers are up to 70% less expensive per page than the HP in running costs. This is due to the unique ceramic drums that  kyocera products use, which can last up to 10 times longer than other manufacturers, less expensive toner cartridge prices, higher toner yields and consumable parts long life – add the warranty period (depending on the model you will get up to 3 years or 500,000 pages, whichever occurs first) to the mix and the price of the hardware, in fact the Kyocera was $300 cheaper!

Look, everyone has heard of HP, but there are still a number of people that have never heard of the Kyocera brand. Why – because Kyocera rarely advertise.

We drilled into the figures with us both using the Coastal online Kyocera Savings Calculator, (I do not know of any other manufacturer that has an online calculator that allows a potential customer to compare the running costs of their printers against other manufacturers – that’s confidence for you!)

so as a comparison we compared the HP Laser-jet enterprise colour M575cMFP against the Kyocera FSC8525MFP.We based it on 4000 pages per month at 10% coverage as their documents are more heavy on toner use than average, colour coverage was at 25% coverage due to logo and vehicle photos and they averaged around 25% (1000 pages) a month in colour prints.

What did we find? Well based on a 60 month period including the cost of the hardware, they would save a staggering $40,585.00 in running costs!

What did they do? They still purchased a HP because their IT department liked them!!

You can take a horse to water….

So before you purchase your next printer or multi-function copier try our free online savings calculator on our home page and see how much we can save you!

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Why buy a HP Printer?

Compare Kyocera & HP Laser Printer’s running costs