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Managed Print Services

 Managed Print Services

It’s no secret that Managed Print Services have a lot of benefits to offer businesses, particularly in the new era of work. With an integrated, company-wide print solution tailored to your specific needs, you can expect better security, improved mobility and more flexible usability to enable your hybrid workforce.

But with so many providers vying for your attention, how do you ensure that you’re choosing the best Managed Print Services for your business?

We’ve identified five features that the best MPS solutions all have – what we call the 5 S’s of MPS. Savings, security, scalability, service and sustainability. With these in mind, you’ll be able to quickly sort the good from the bad to identify which Managed Print Services solution will offer your business the most benefits.


5 features of the best Managed Print Services.

1. Savings

One of the first things to look for in an MPS solution is cost-savings. Printing is typically the third highest cost to businesses after payroll and rent. Reducing this financial burden has been a central goal of MPS since its inception, alongside improved visibility and also reducing the workload of IT teams.

Before developing a tailored solution for your business, your MPS provider should conduct an audit of your print and document environment to identify where they can help you streamline processes, reduce waste and consolidate your resources to reduce costs. This will also help you determine approximately how much you are currently spending on printing, if you’re not already aware, allowing you to compare the benefits of MPS with your current print solution.

Kyocera was able to help TNT Express reduce their monthly printing costs by 38 percent by consolidating their print fleet and providing a simple cost-per-copy MPS solution. With the right provider, you could also achieve savings like this too.

2. Security

Printers are one of the most overlooked security risks in the workplace, especially with the increase in remote working. When managing numerous devices across a wide range of locations, as in hybrid workplaces, IT teams may find it challenging to ensure that each device has an appropriate level of security, and that employees are also using secure practices.

An MPS solution will reduce your business risk substantially, offering complete visibility over every device in your fleet, no matter its location. In the initial audit, your provider should identify any security vulnerabilities that you have and how they will address them. This usually includes initiatives such as implementing anti-malware software and security features across your fleet, real-time threat monitoring of device networks, or user authentication and authorisation.

3. Scalability

As well as being secure, the best Managed Print Services are rapidly scalable, enabling your infrastructure to easily grow, shrink or transform as your business needs change. With a single provider and an MPS network designed for growth, increasing your devices, print volume or service requirements will no longer be a convoluted or lengthy process.

Your MPS provider will already have an in-depth understanding of your print environment and be able to make appropriate recommendations, as well as respond quickly to your needs. Additionally, you shouldn’t have to worry about complex set-up, integration or training requirements for your new devices – a good provider will also be able to add new printers to your existing network with minimal disruption.

4. Service

One of the many benefits of MPS is that it consolidates all your providers into one point of contact for all your printing needs – devices, consumables, maintenance, repairs. This ensures you receive the same quality of service from someone who knows your business and print solution, each and every time.

Additionally, MPS also improves productivity by reducing how much time your staff need to spend on managing your devices. With Managed Print Services, you can expect your provider to automate consumable orders, upgrade old hardware, install the latest software, and also conduct staff training on how to use and troubleshoot devices as part of their normal service. With the time saved from the hassle of print problems and delays, your staff will be free to focus on work that actually contributes to your business goals.

5. Sustainability

A commitment to sustainable business practices is increasingly the minimum expected by consumers, rather than an optional extra for companies. So it’s good news that MPS can not only improve your bottom line, but also reduce your environmental footprint.

The best Managed Print Services help businesses to use their resources more effectively, minimising waste and enabling greater control over print usage. This also includes reducing or eliminating inefficient toner usage, single-sided printing, paper wastage due to poor print jobs and other inefficiencies you may not be aware of. Optimising and streamlining your processes will also minimise any unnecessary printing, saving consumables and power consumption. And with true oversight of your print environment, you and your MPS provider will be able to identify where your biggest areas of print usage are and develop new strategies to minimise your environmental impact.

With these five features of the best Managed Print Services in mind, you can identify which providers are offering solutions that will truly lead to improvements in savings, security, scalability, service and sustainability for your business. And with the right MPS solution, you’ll be ready to maximise your business’ productivity, mobility and efficiency in the new era of work.

If you’d like to learn more about choosing the right print solution for the new era of work, or if you’re ready to investigate our Kyocera tailored Managed Print Services offering more, please contact us using this link.

Coastal Business Equipment. 1300 271 223

Managed Print Services

Epson Printers and Copiers

Epson Printers and Copiers

Epson Printers and Copiers. We are proud to announce that we are now an authorised sales, service and warranty agent for the Epson range of business products. These include printers, multifunction devices, scanners and also all ink supplies.

Management Philosophy

Epson aspires to be an indispensable company, trusted throughout the world for our commitment to openness, customer satisfaction and sustainability. Epson respect individuality while promoting teamwork, and they are committed to delivering unique value through innovative and creative solutions.

Epson’s Management Philosophy is shared among all Group employees worldwide.

Epson's Sydney building

Exceed Your Vision.

“As an Epson dealership, we always strive to exceed our own vision, and to produce results that bring surprise and delight to our customers”.

Since we opened for business in November 1983, Epson Australia has emerged as a leading supplier of quality imaging products to the colour printing, imaging and photography markets.

Underpinning that leadership position is a focus on providing technically innovative products backed by highly regarded, professional pre and also post sales support and service.

Epson is refining its Micro Piezo inkjet technology and conducting further research and development so that the technology can be used not only in home inkjet printers but also in printer applications for users in the office, commercial, industrial, and also other higher-productivity printing segments. Epson’s goal is to provide a sustainable printing ecosystem with high environmental performance.

Coastal Business Equipment are your authorised Epson sales, service and warranty agents. We also supply genuine Epson ink cartridges at discounted prices throughout Australia.

All of our technicians are fully Epson trained and have many years of experience in the industry.

Epson Printers and Copiers – Perth to Bunbury.

Please contact us today for prices on the Epson range of printers,copiers and scanners on 1300 271 223.

Kyocera Printer Reviews

Kyocera Printer Reviews.

Kyocera Printer Reviews. When you start researching Kyocera copiers and printers, you can quickly see a few recurring themes. They’re proven to be highly reliable, exceptionally cost-efficient and ahead of the pack when it comes to sustainability.  This review is going to cover what you need to know about Kyocera as an organization, their line of copiers and printers, as well as a few expert opinions on how well Kyocera devices perform.

In 2018, Kyocera was named the Most Reliable Colour Copier MFP Brand 2018 – 2021 by Keypoint Intelligence – Buyers Lab, the leading source of document imaging industry data and test results. In this review, we’ll take a closer look at what the company offers and what people say about Kyocera copiers and printers.

A Brief History of Kyocera

Kyocera is an award-winning printer manufacturer. 2019 marks the 60th anniversary of its beginning in a small factory in Kyoto, Japan. In its early days, the company focused solely on producing industrial ceramics products.

Today, Kyocera Group is a multinational manufacturer of ceramics, electronics and office technology and has nearly 77,000 employees worldwide. Kyocera got into the printer business in 2000 with the acquisition of Mita Industrial Company, which later became Kyocera Document Solutions.

Kyocera Printers and Copiers

Like most top brands, Kyocera manufactures a wide range of laser and inkjet printers and multifunctional devices that incorporate faxing, scanning, copying and printing. Overall, the printers have a reputation for being extremely reliable, economical to run, easy-to-use and capable of producing high-quality prints in large volumes.

When it comes to operating costs, Kyocera products have a unique advantage over the competition. Using their expertise in ceramics, the company manufactures its printing devices with unique long-life ceramic drums, which use less energy and heat. Kyocera’s Ceramic particles are also added to the toner to clean the drums while they’re working. This means Kyocera devices need far less servicing and have much lower operating costs than many other brands.

Why Choose Kyocera?

Here are three areas where Kyocera copiers and printers get exceptionally high marks:


The Buyers Lab Reliability award that Kyocera won back in 2018, was for its ECOSYS® A3 line of colour MFPs. Reviewers looked at the entire line, calculating misfeeds, reviewing service calls and testing total impressions. It gave each model a 10 out of 10 and concluded that downtime would rarely be an issue with any of the Kyocera devices.

Kyocera’s TASKalfa line of  colour printers are also known for its above-average performance in image quality, speed and multitasking capabilities.

Several models were among six Kyocera MFPs included in the BLI Summer 2019 Pick Awards. BLI experts praised the devices for their reliability, performance and also value, calling them “true workhorses with exceptional reliability.”

Cost efficiency

Kyocera offers low overall cost of ownership compared to other brands. This is because of the way Kyocera  products are designed. Most laser printers have imaging cartridges that integrate a drum, developer and toner into one unit. This means that the cartridge has to be replaced each time the toner runs out.  Instead, the Kyocera printer’s ceramic drum is separate from the toner cartridge and is designed to last 100,000 pages. (up to 600,000 pages, depending on model)

On the software side, Kyocera has a sophisticated application platform called HyPAS™ (Hybrid Platform for Advanced Solutions) that can expand the capabilities of your MFP to streamline business processes and improve digital workflow.


The Kyocera ECOSYS line of printers are designed to reduce environmental impact and minimize running costs. Kyocera’s are built to use as few consumables as possible. This means less maintenance, lower operating costs and easier recycling of used components. Kyocera is also recognized for its climate change initiatives. The company has set a target to reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions 30 percent by the year 2030. This goal is officially endorsed by the Science-Based Targets initiative.

The Bottom Line

Once you decide on the kind of device you need and the specific features and capabilities it must have, you’ll have little trouble finding a Kyocera model to suit your needs. And, it’s clear from the many positive reviews that Kyocera is a brand with a diverse line of products in which you can feel confident in investing.

But we understand the choices can be overwhelming. So, if you need more help, please contact one of our office equipment experts, and we will be happy to answer any questions.

Coastal Business Equipment:

Kyocera Printer Reviews.

Tel: 1300 271 223.



Upgrading your Photocopier

Upgrading your Photocopier.

The Benefits of Upgrading Your Office Copier

Upgrading your Photocopier? Your office copier is an essential piece of office machinery. If your office copier is constantly giving you issues and frequently requires maintenance, it can really slow down productivity in the office. However, that’s not the only reason to upgrade your office copier. With the right office equipment, you can upgrade your office for maximum efficiency. Here are the benefits of upgrading your office copier.

Improved Print Quality

For older printers, it’s possible to see a depreciation in the quality of your prints over time. Low print quality can also make reports and spreadsheets blurry and difficult to read. When dealing with important information, you want to make sure your prints are of the highest quality. Upgrade your office copier for print quality and you’ll see that the difference is night and day.

Lower Operating Costs

Older printers tend to be inefficient when it comes to ink and electricity. When you upgrade to a newer, more efficient printer, you can save money on both electricity and ink. Not to mention, newer machines run newer, faster software, making it much quicker to do daily tasks.

Better Productivity

Upgrading your Copier to a better copier leads to a more productive office. With a multifunctional copier, multiple people can use the office copier at once without any interference When you upgrade to a multifunctional office copier, all your office tasks are consolidated – greatly expediting your work and increasing office productivity.

Decease Maintenance Needs

An old office copier can cost you a fortune in maintenance fees. A major benefit of upgrading your office printer is that you’ll have little need for maintenance for the first few years you own the printer. If the monthly cost of maintenance on your copier is burning a hole in your office budget, then you should heavily consider a copier upgrade complete with a maintenance agreement.

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The Most Reliable Colour Copier Award for 2018 – 2021 Kyocera.

The Most Reliable Colour Copier Award for 2018-2021 – Kyocera.

If Reliability, Superb Colour Reproduction and Economical to run are important factors to you when purchasing a new Colour Multifunction Copier – then you need to look no further than the award winning range of Kyocera Copiers and Printers.

The following article is from Buyers Lab, an independent company who has awarded Kyocera “The most reliable Colour Copier MFP Brand for 2018-2021” Read More→

Kyocera Printers Perth

Kyocera Printers Perth

Kyocera have released a new range of printers and multifunctions. Today I’d like to take a look at the two most basic models. Although I said basic, Kyocera printers are hardly that. Even their so-called low-end machines have some of the most advanced features in the industry, such as ceramic coated drums, user-focused design, and also energy efficient components.

The ECOSYS P2040dw at $350.00 is the perfect mono printer for small offices or at home. Coming with wi-fi as standard so you can print out from devices anywhere around the office wirelessly.

If you’re after something a little cheaper, you can connect to your fixed office network with the ECOSYS P2040dn at just $317.00 from Kyocera Printers Perth. Ph: 1300 271 223 now.

You will never have to complain about the speed of the printing from either of these machines. They take less than 6.5 seconds to first page and then shoot out prints at a blistering fast 40 pages per minute. Stack up the paper in the 250 sheet paper cassette for uninterrupted printing. With the capability to add another one or two 250 sheet paper feeders for even longer intervals between paper loading. The optional extra paper trays also make it easy to use different kinds of paper such as pre-printed letterheads and forms, and also different paper sizes.

Internationally acclaimed, these printers were awarded a Good Design Award in late 2016. Not only for their simple and compact design but also for their usability–including low-noise operations and an easy-to-change toner cartridge. The judges evaluation  stated: “The products are characterized by their downsized design and low-noise operations, as well as by operational efficiency, incorporating a remote setting tool with many functions, including a batch setting capability. The casing is also compact and the operation panel is clear and is also easy to use. The entire design, including operability and ease of maintenance, is well considered to ensure smooth document-related tasks.”

This was followed up in early 2017 by the awarding of the iF DESIGN AWARD to the P2040 printer. Not only for its design which centred on long-life as a feature of product development, waste and printing cost reduction, but also for its simple design and operability which considered the user. They also come with a 2 year/100,000 Page on site warranty (whichever occurs first) for your peace of mind!

Not many printers can accept accolades such as these!

Another superb feature of these two printers is automatic duplexing which will print on both sides of the page. This  not only saves time but paper too, and that helps your bottom line and the environment.

If you’ve never considered Kyocera printers before, one thing that will change your mind is their low total cost of ownership. One example of the way they achieve that is ceramic drums, which due to their unique design only need replacing every 100,000 pages. Brilliant! Another is their long-life TK1164 toner which will print around 7,200 pages, so you won’t be changing cartridges very often.

Still not convinced? Kyocera have so much faith in the quality of their printers that they also offer a two-year on-site warranty. If something goes wrong and we can’t talk you through it over the phone, we will send out a technician. Simple. This ensures you have total peace of mind and can be confident you’ve made the right choice of printer.

For fast printing at a low cost per page, from a solid printer at a reasonable price, you can’t beat our new Kyocera printers.

Kyocera Printers Perth.

Coastal Business Equipment
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Kyocera Vs Xerox Copiers

Kyocera vs Xerox Copiers: Comparing a Lesser Known Brand to an Industry Veteran

Kyocera vs Xerox Copiers

Looking at the differences between Kyocera vs Xerox copiers?

As you may be aware Xerox is synonymous with photocopiers. Xerox is more well known than Kyocera, but that doesn’t necessarily mean it’s better. Before I discuss Kyocera vs Xerox, here is a little background information on Kyocera to get you more acquainted with the brand.

Read More→

Kyocera Wins Inaugural BLI Reliability Award, 2018-2021

KYOCERA Wins Inaugural BLI Reliability Award, 2018-2021

Kyocera Wins Inaugural BLI Reliability Award, 2018-2021 ​Sydney, Australia –17 July 2018: Keypoint Intelligence – Buyers Lab, the world’s leading authority on the document imaging industry, announced the winners of its inaugural Reliability award. This award is presented only once every three years. The Buyers Lab Reliability award honours the manufacturers whose product lines are determined to be the most reliable. This is based on the combined results of all models subjected to Buyers Lab’s rigorous reliability testing.

Reliability is also often a key concern for buyers, since a reliable device helps minimise downtime, resulting in improved worker productivity. After compiling performance data for every major manufacturer that submitted devices for laboratory testing from 2012 to 2018, the highly experienced analyst team has selected KYOCERA as a winner in the following area.

Read More→

Kyocera Awards

Kyocera Awards.

Phenomenal Reliability & Performance Earn Kyocera Seven BLI 2018 Winter Picks Honors

Kyocera Awards. Phenomenal Reliability & Performance Earn Kyocera Seven BLI 2018 Winter Picks Honors

The TASKalfa 8002i MFP, the ECOSYS M2640idw multifunctional printer, and others rate 10-out-of-10 for reliability in continuous 2-month testing.

FAIRFIELD, N.J. – February 21, 2018 – KYOCERA Document Solutions America, Inc., one of the world’s leading document solutions companies, today announced that seven of their black and white devices were named 2018 Winter Picks by Keypoint Intelligence – Buyers Lab, each earning their place on BLI’s Highly Recommended and Reliability Certified lists. Those devices include five TASKalfa MFPs: the 8002i, 7002i, 6002i, 5002i, 4002i, as well the ECOSYS P2040dw printer and also the ECOSYS M2640idw multifunctional printer. Read More→

Kyocera Printers Perth

Kyocera Printers Perth – Coastal Business Equipment are the authorised Kyocera Printer & Copier sales, service & warranty agents for the complete range of Kyocera Laser printers, Photocopiers & Multifunction Printers – from Joondalup to Harvey. Our buying power allows us to offer you low prices with free delivery. Our after sales service ensures that we will look after you during and also after the warranty period. We also supply genuine toner cartridges & consumables for all Kyocera printers & copiers.

Since our inception in 1992 we have striven to not only provide quality products, but machines that are also economical to run and a first class after sales service.

Please contact us on 1300271223 for further information on the wide range of Kyocera products and services that we provide.

Kyocera Printers Perth

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