The Most Reliable Colour Copier Award for 2018 – 2021 Kyocera.

The Most Reliable Colour Copier Award for 2018-2021 – Kyocera.

If Reliability, Superb Colour Reproduction and Economical to run are important factors to you when purchasing a new Colour Multifunction Copier – then you need to look no further than the award winning range of Kyocera Copiers and Printers.

The following article is from Buyers Lab, an independent company who has awarded Kyocera “The most reliable Colour Copier MFP Brand for 2018-2021” Read More→

Kyocera Printers Perth

Kyocera Printers Perth

Kyocera have released a new range of printers and multifunctions. Today I’d like to take a look at the two most basic models. Although I said basic, Kyocera printers are hardly that. Even their so-called low-end machines have some of the most advanced features in the industry, such as ceramic coated drums, user-focused design, and also energy efficient components.

The ECOSYS P2040dw at $350.00 is the perfect mono printer for small offices or at home. Coming with wi-fi as standard so you can print out from devices anywhere around the office wirelessly.

If you’re after something a little cheaper, you can connect to your fixed office network with the ECOSYS P2040dn at just $317.00 from Kyocera Printers Perth. Ph: 1300 271 223 now.

You will never have to complain about the speed of the printing from either of these machines. They take less than 6.5 seconds to first page and then shoot out prints at a blistering fast 40 pages per minute. Stack up the paper in the 250 sheet paper cassette for uninterrupted printing. With the capability to add another one or two 250 sheet paper feeders for even longer intervals between paper loading. The optional extra paper trays also make it easy to use different kinds of paper such as pre-printed letterheads and forms, and also different paper sizes.

Internationally acclaimed, these printers were awarded a Good Design Award in late 2016. Not only for their simple and compact design but also for their usability–including low-noise operations and an easy-to-change toner cartridge. The judges evaluation  stated: “The products are characterized by their downsized design and low-noise operations, as well as by operational efficiency, incorporating a remote setting tool with many functions, including a batch setting capability. The casing is also compact and the operation panel is clear and is also easy to use. The entire design, including operability and ease of maintenance, is well considered to ensure smooth document-related tasks.”

This was followed up in early 2017 by the awarding of the iF DESIGN AWARD to the P2040 printer. Not only for its design which centred on long-life as a feature of product development, waste and printing cost reduction, but also for its simple design and operability which considered the user. They also come with a 2 year/100,000 Page on site warranty (whichever occurs first) for your peace of mind!

Not many printers can accept accolades such as these!

Another superb feature of these two printers is automatic duplexing which will print on both sides of the page. This  not only saves time but paper too, and that helps your bottom line and the environment.

If you’ve never considered Kyocera printers before, one thing that will change your mind is their low total cost of ownership. One example of the way they achieve that is ceramic drums, which due to their unique design only need replacing every 100,000 pages. Brilliant! Another is their long-life TK1164 toner which will print around 7,200 pages, so you won’t be changing cartridges very often.

Still not convinced? Kyocera have so much faith in the quality of their printers that they also offer a two-year on-site warranty. If something goes wrong and we can’t talk you through it over the phone, we will send out a technician. Simple. This ensures you have total peace of mind and can be confident you’ve made the right choice of printer.

For fast printing at a low cost per page, from a solid printer at a reasonable price, you can’t beat our new Kyocera printers.

Kyocera Printers Perth.

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Kyocera Vs Xerox Copiers

Kyocera vs Xerox Copiers: Comparing a Lesser Known Brand to an Industry Veteran

Kyocera vs Xerox Copiers

Looking at the differences between Kyocera vs Xerox copiers?

As you may be aware Xerox is synonymous with photocopiers. Xerox is more well known than Kyocera, but that doesn’t necessarily mean it’s better. Before I discuss Kyocera vs Xerox, here is a little background information on Kyocera to get you more acquainted with the brand.

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Kyocera Wins Inaugural BLI Reliability Award, 2018-2021

KYOCERA Wins Inaugural BLI Reliability Award, 2018-2021

Kyocera Wins Inaugural BLI Reliability Award, 2018-2021 ​Sydney, Australia –17 July 2018: Keypoint Intelligence – Buyers Lab, the world’s leading authority on the document imaging industry, announced the winners of its inaugural Reliability award. This award is presented only once every three years. The Buyers Lab Reliability award honours the manufacturers whose product lines are determined to be the most reliable. This is based on the combined results of all models subjected to Buyers Lab’s rigorous reliability testing.

Reliability is also often a key concern for buyers, since a reliable device helps minimise downtime, resulting in improved worker productivity. After compiling performance data for every major manufacturer that submitted devices for laboratory testing from 2012 to 2018, the highly experienced analyst team has selected KYOCERA as a winner in the following area.

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Kyocera Awards

Kyocera Awards.

Phenomenal Reliability & Performance Earn Kyocera Seven BLI 2018 Winter Picks Honors

Kyocera Awards. Phenomenal Reliability & Performance Earn Kyocera Seven BLI 2018 Winter Picks Honors

The TASKalfa 8002i MFP, the ECOSYS M2640idw multifunctional printer, and others rate 10-out-of-10 for reliability in continuous 2-month testing.

FAIRFIELD, N.J. – February 21, 2018 – KYOCERA Document Solutions America, Inc., one of the world’s leading document solutions companies, today announced that seven of their black and white devices were named 2018 Winter Picks by Keypoint Intelligence – Buyers Lab, each earning their place on BLI’s Highly Recommended and Reliability Certified lists. Those devices include five TASKalfa MFPs: the 8002i, 7002i, 6002i, 5002i, 4002i, as well the ECOSYS P2040dw printer and also the ECOSYS M2640idw multifunctional printer. Read More→

Kyocera Printers Perth

Kyocera Printers Perth – Coastal Business Equipment are the authorised Kyocera Printer & Copier sales, service & warranty agents for the complete range of Kyocera Laser printers, Photocopiers & Multifunction Printers – from Joondalup to Harvey. Our buying power allows us to offer you low prices with free delivery. Our after sales service ensures that we will look after you during and also after the warranty period. We also supply genuine toner cartridges & consumables for all Kyocera printers & copiers.

Since our inception in 1992 we have striven to not only provide quality products, but machines that are also economical to run and a first class after sales service.

Please contact us on 1300271223 for further information on the wide range of Kyocera products and services that we provide.

Kyocera Printers Perth

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MDS, MFP, MPS, MFD: A quick guide to print acronyms

MDS, MFP, MPS, MFD: A quick guide to print acronyms

MDS, MFP, MPS, MFD- A quick guide to print acronyms.jpg


MDS, MFP, MPS, MFD: A quick guide to print acronyms. Print acronyms can be confusing. As an office manager, this makes dealing with print vendors more difficult and complicated. MFD, MFP, MPS and MDS – they all seem so similar to each other. How do you know which one you would need for the business? What do these terms really mean?

We’re here to help and demystify them for you. In this post, we will be defining the most important print acronyms, and discuss the differences between each one. This way you can be a bit more confident the next time you meet with your print provider, or when you discuss printing requirements with your boss and work colleagues.

So, let’s get started.

1. MFD: Multifunction device

multifunction device is the most popular device for medium to large offices, however, most employees would still refer to it as a photocopier. An MFD is an all-in-one (AIO) device that incorporates printing, copying, scanning, and faxing. It allows you to consolidate your devices to save space as you no longer need three or four separate devices to get the job done.

Another reason MFDs are so popular in businesses, is that they reduce costs. These all-in-one solutions also save on electricity bills and are often cheaper to run compared to having separate printers, copiers and fax machines. Having all the functions in one device can also save on printing costs and consumables such as toner and paper.


2. MFP: Multifunction printer

The multifunction printer works as a multi-tasking machine, consolidating a printer, copier, scanner and fax machine. It is often smaller and more compact than an MFD with less options and will usually be located on a desk.

The multifunction printer is the usual choice for start-up or small businesses, with it’s low purchase and running costs. The MFP is easy to set up and has flexible maintenance options.

What is the difference between MFD and MFP?

MFD and MFP are very similar, and are used interchangeably by many people. While the differences between the two may not seem that noticeable, an MFD is usually larger in size and will have more features than a MFP.

Both are multifunction devices that can print, copy, scan, and fax. They both provide the benefit of using one machine to do several functions, which lowers costs and streamlines operations.

However, an MFD also includes extras, such as:

  • high document management;
  • advanced scanning functionality;
  • advanced solutions capability;
  • high speed printing; and,
  • production quality printing options.

The MFD is often better suited to larger organisations that have wider and more complex print requirements.

3. MPS: Managed print services

Managed Print Services or MPS is a service offered by your print provider that covers all aspects of your print operations. It focuses on managing and optimising the end-to-end print environment, from devices and networks to printer security and workflows.

MPS aims to deliver a print solution that reduces printing costs, improves productivity, and also increases document security, while minimising your impact on the environment.

To implement an MPS  your provider usually starts with a site Audit to assess your current print operations and identify inefficiencies. From here, they will design and implement a tailored solution that meets the specific needs and preferences of your business.

The next phase then focuses on managing your print devices and networks by delivering stress-free maintenance and support. In the final phase, your MPS Provider will look at continuously optimising your print operations with ongoing assessment and consultation.

4. MDS: Managed document services

Managed document services or MDS is a service that goes beyond your print operations, and also looks at ways to improve and optimise your entire document environment. This includes all aspects of document management from infrastructure and workflows to security, archiving and storage.

MDS takes a holistic approach to streamlining operations, reducing costs, improving productivity, and reducing the carbon footprint of your business.

What is the difference between MPS and MDS?

We understand the confusion between MPS and MDS. Both have similar goals of reducing costs, improving processes, increasing security, and minimising environmental impact.

However, the difference would lie mainly on their scope. MPS focuses specifically on just your print operations – printers, multifunction devices, networks and printing processes.

MDS, on the other hand, goes a step further and covers a wider scope that includes the whole document environment (including printing). It focuses on how documents are managed, delivered and stored across devices, networks and channels.

There you have it. Print acronyms demystified. Here’s a quick reference on the ones we just discussed:

  • MFD: Multifunction Device
  • MFP: Multifunction Printer
  • MPS: Managed Print Services
  • MDS: Managed Document Services

We hope this post has made your job a little bit easier, especially when dealing with print providers. Don’t let print vendor jargon confuse you anymore. Take advantage of these acronym definitions and you will be on your way to better understanding your print devices and services.

MDS, MFP, MPS, MFD: A quick guide to print acronyms.

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Buying a Copier. 5 Things to Consider.

Buying a Copier?


Believe it or not, that’s the attitude that some businesses have when it comes to their office equipment.  They may make their selection based on all the wrong reasons.  There are several factors to consider before you sign your name on the dotted line.

Buying a Copier. 5 Things to Consider.


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Which Laser Printer is best?

Which laser printer is best?

Which Laser Printer is best? Purchasing a printer is a big investment and can be as expensive as purchasing a laptop or computer. Deciding on the correct model to purchase can be very confusing. There is a wide range of printers that are currently available in the market that  makes it even harder to make a decision unless you’re fully aware of the different varieties of printer available and its different functions. Since the invention of printing technology, there has been an extensive variety of technologies implemented to the printer that you never thought would be possible!
When deciding on which type of printer to purchase, you need  to ask the following questions listed below: Read More→

Kyocera TASKalfa 406ci Series Video

When it comes to Kyocera copiers…

The Kyocera TASKalfa 406ci series are the most economical and reliable multifunction copiers around.

The all new Kyocera A4 TASKalfa 406ci series is the ideal companion for offices that demand amazing functionality, paper handling diversity and excellent document output quality in full colour.